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AEGIX GLOBAL - Over 175 Years Experience

 Vision: As a company, AEGIX Global, LLC is focused on making a positive global impact by providing mission-specific resources, technology, equipment, and training to those who are first on scene, in combat or gathering intelligence. These services result in saving lives, improving communities and driving economic growth.

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AEGIX is distinguished by its quality offerings and reputation for customer satisfaction. It serves local, tribal, state and federal law enforcement, humanitarian groups, militaries, NATO and Major non-NATO allied governments worldwide.  

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We have resources and partners around the globe.  Contact us today to help you meet your specific  needs, timeline and budget.

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Mission Specific Combat Ready Packages


Whatever your mission we will provide the specific, state of the art, equipment, tools & whatever else may be needed to successfully accomplish your objectives. 

Tactical & Practical Expert Training


In country - our seasoned experts will come to you & the teams you need trained for as long as you need them. Your people will have the skills they need to perform with excellence when we finish.

Narco-Terrorism Interdiction


We offer the most comprehensive Narco-Terrorism Interdiction programs in the world.  Designed by some of the world’s most experienced & successful individuals, our state of the art equipment and training curriculum will help you get the results you need.

The Latest Research Based Learning


Military & Law Enforcement


Leading Edge Equipment & Gear


Upcoming Exclusive Training Sessions

Interviewing and Interrogation Training February-March 2020

World Class Rapport-Based Interviewing and Interrogation Skills Training from renowned experts: Laurence and Emily Alison.

Critical Incident Decision Making Training February-March 2020

Preventing Decision Inertia and Accelerating Expertise: Critical Incident Decision Making Presented by Professor Laurence Alison.

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